Hi exiles :slight_smile:

I have a question about the “schwarzherz-klinge”, i do not know the name in the englisch Version but I think it should be the “blackheart-blade” or somethkng like this.
When i wear it, i get instand half bar of “purple”.
So i gave it to my thrall, but he does no damage at all… so am asking myself, Is there something i have forgotten about that weapon?
Thanks for reading and i hole you can help me out with this… habe a nice day :slight_smile:

Nice, thank you!
I have a understanding question too…

" Increasing the [survival] level to the fourth perk, Antidote of One, will allow you to use this weapon without gaining corruption."

That means, i can use that blade and it does damage only if i have the fourth perk? I understand that with the fourth perk i do not get any corruption then

Thralls don’t do any damage with the blade.

Thralls deal zero lethal or torpor damage with this weapon.

There was a “bug”, if your thrall was wearing Scorpion harness he would use the weapon ok after a little time.

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