Screen Resolution, Key Bindings, and Settings

Game mode: Testlive Singleplayer
Problem: Bug | Performance | Misc

Release build is 95365/17742

These settings were all working properly when I last played on Tuesday. Screen was set to Windowed and 1024x768. This gave me a 19|2 resolution resulting in a rectangle window I can reposition or enlarge as needed.

This morning all of the resolutions are the same size at 1920x1080. The windowed mode does not allow you to resize it. There is only the one resolution size of 1920x1080 in the drop down for this option in the settings. The manually set Key Binds have also been removed. This is with a fresh game that I started May 8th and reset with the same settings I had previously.

Just an update on this one. i restored an older game where teh screen settings are set to 1600|900 or a 16|9 screen size. I backed up the settings and game files from both. When I check the drop down, this is the only setting shown.