Screen Shake Toggle Please

I understand this has been brought up numerous times, but I want to make sure it stays fresh on the suggestions list. I can’t play Exiles for longer than an hour before I start getting headaches from the ridiculous screen jolting. Is this supposed to add an element of realism? I work construction for a living and my vision does NOT shake or jolt when I swing a sledge hammer into brick/concrete block, dig into the ground with a shovel, use a 20oz claw hammer to pound nails, or cut wood/pvc with a hand saw. I’ve never gotten a headache from doing my job, even when half my body is being vibrated by a Jack Hammer or Tamp.

If there was enough time to add numerous $10 cosmetic dlc packs, surely there is time to do myself and others with the same issue a solid and tackle this sooner rather than later.

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