Scrolls of armors ( God, lemurian , etc)

So by now i figured out that somehow delving for example lemurian royal or godbreaker we can get other scfrolls for recipes like war court or something else, but i just want to know, how that all works, maybe i cant find recipes, someone said me that recipes are in bottles on coast, but there is all place builded up …and inever seen any bottle… so by now

how to get for example lemurian royal armor feat or armor itself… ? i need to make war court :smiley:

Not sure if you can get godbreaker/champion as those require armor scraps and were genuinely a reward of that specific dungeon so I don’t believe those would be coming back. I have received Hyena Fur armor recipe scrolls on occasion when killing the Dogs of the Desert NPCs in wild surges. I would assume it’s potentially possible to get Lemurian royal recipe on a chance from killing Lemurians at their wild surges. Good luck!

The problem with god armor is that they are used in delving bench… to get new armor… same as those lemurian royals so far i only found out how to get war, dark knight and khari…

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