Second Night in a row PVP server 2588 down for well over a couple hours. FIX THIS! I'm about to lose a bunch of stuff again due to your servers being janky

Game mode: PVP Xbox 2588 [Online |
Problem: Performance : Horrible
Region: [USA]

[Why make free to play weekend and now me and new friends are losing stuff. I convinced them to come play. Dont ruin this chance and make sure 2maro this doesnt occur. This is ridiculous you cant keep shutting the server down for hours unless it’s going to be advised to the public prior. PLEASE FIX YOUR SERVERS!!! ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. TRY TO JOIN SERVER LATE at NIGHT. Its down for a while.

We’re looking into the issue.
There were reports that the servers are available again. Do you still have problems connecting?

Just fyi, any server issues are not intended. They don’t shut the servers down unless they need a wipe and they have said they won’t be doing a wipe any time soon. :wink:

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We have same problem at another server. Im waiting until tomorrow. If they dont fiz our server, i wiil tell u why your server is crashing. At least i discovered on our server. I dont know if is the same tatics. But lets wait… @Ignasi and @Tascha will keep us informed about the news…

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