Secret base in the dungeon of the skelos well

Hello, I have found a way to build inside the dungeon, I would like to speak privately with an administrator to pass the video to him and that nobody sees him in the forum.

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Trust me they know about it now

Never hurts to have multiple reports. Knowing about a problem is easy; knowing why its happening and how to fix it is much harder (some issues, moreso than others). And with each report, something new may be discovered.


Building in the well of Skelos has long been a thing (sort of an open secret since last July as I remember) and most people get tired of the climb after awhile. The logistics are a real PITA and the minute people know you’re there your volcano commute gets a whole lot harder. Just to get to those buildable spots you’re spending a few minutes climbing and are pretty vulnerable. Undermesh spots are far more economical than the well. . .

Im talking about this one. Apparently bannable offense.

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lol I know about this spot too, right around the corner from the original “serpentman homestead”.

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