Getting singed in the volcano caldera? stay cool with a Thrallmart™ Well of Skelos skybridge! (patent pending)

There’s a no build zone around the Well of Skelos, but the horizontal elevator projections ignore it, allowing you to step off the elevator, right on to the well itself.

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I built a more ambitious, less nerve wracking dual track version in SP with some fall protection at the end points and some refreshment for travellers.

I’m not great with heights though and wobbling around high in the air over molten lava on official was not the most fun I’ve ever had.

I built much of the tower with gates since it’s cheaper mat wise (although more expensive in terms of stability).

(Ignore the left side. I was just checking that I could still connect the shore side elevators).

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Oh yeah, Here’s a placement guide. (I prototyped it in single player).

Note coordinates from the toggledebughud console command. You might want to place the initial block slightly lower down than shown.
Walking on and off from the well side isn’t a problem but it looks a bit like you might drop when you do as it floats above the lip slightly.


Thanks so much dude. Thx to you my official server now has a safe connection :smiley:

Welcome. I think. (not sure if it’s /s because I caused that mess or… )

Fwiw, if your system is fast and you build on to an upper level, just jump in the well and back out to get to the ground level quickly.

That’s the next step of the project. This is just a rough temporary solution!

Meanwhile… #Inspired

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Works anywhere you might expect it to as well. (Like the Galeon, although perhaps of marginal benefit).

Btw, the reason I built high was to avoid dangling thralls hitting the lava. They don’t… exactly… dangle… though. lol.


You do your nickname justice.

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Haha, well, I totally wasn’t stuck for a free username years ago and happened to look on my shelf and notice an old school textbook with science in the title. That never happened.

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Nicely done.

I just enter dragonmouth though. Direct access to the well.

And duely wave goodbye to your dope on a rope?

Believe or not but I don’t like using elevators, I find them slow :pensive:

They are. Mods fix that, and other easy to fix issues, but Funcom have labeled that suggestion as “cut”.

Ofc, mods don’t work on official servers…

Tbh, it’s mystery to me what’s going on over there, but since I don’t know one way or another for a fact, I’m pulling my punches.

Edit: Back on topic, there’s land access to buildable areas behind the well. On SP I built a wheel base with a map room. Drop a bedroll there and you can suicide teleport to the well, grab gear, bash thralls and shove em in the wheel then drop your gear and maproom back. I didn’t bother on official though because purges don’t work so thralls are useless.

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