Secret Skirmish: Seoul (PvP event)

To the valiant blue, green and red bees…
The Council Of Venice is pleased to invite representatives of the Big Three to the new secret war experience :

The Council of Venice would like to welcome the Big Three Secret Societies to a small skirmish in the Seoul Fight Club where they can, with Council support, enjoy a period of sanctioned combat under the Council’s rules of engagement.

To succeed, your Secret Society’s team must have the highest recorded total damage dealt to the other teams by a single person over the course of combat.

The location is the Seoul Fight Club.

The chosen local time will be 2024-07-06T20:00:00Z

The Rules of Engagement

  • The skirmish will last for 10 minutes. Combatants have unlimited lives during the scenario and may rejoin combat after death.
  • All contestants must be wearing the appropriate uniform of their respective secret society
  • All combatants must be teamed up in groups composed solely of the participating members of their Secret Society.
  • The sign up period is set until 2024-07-04T20:00:00Z
  • Join the « vespa » custom chat channel for announcements and communication during the whole time of the event.
  • How to join the vespa channel :
    • English: /chat join vespa
    • Français: /discussion rejoindre vespa
    • Deutch: /chat betreiten vespa
  • Once everyone is inside of their designated starting points (see the combat preparation protocol), the Council will send a clear signal in the Vespa channel and the 10 minutes will start.

Sign-Up Protocol

Reply to this thread with the In-Game Nickname and Faction of the character you intend to participate in the Secret Skirmish on. (the deadline is 2024-07-04T20:00:00Z )

Combat Preparation Protocol

There are 3 designated safe zone starting points around the arena.Perhaps reword to: "Each team will be assigned to a designated starting point. Co-ordinates and visual aids have been provided to note the location of each safe zone (see the image below). The fiery barriers of the zones will not harm their intended occupants.

Teams are to wait at these points until the match begins.

The co-ordinates for each point are as follows:

  • Illuminati Zone - (213.6, 305.7, y 16.0)

  • Templar Zone - (318.4, 255.2, y 14.3)

  • Dragon Zone - (203.4, 192.8, y 16.0)

Map of The Secret Skirmish

Photograph of a safe zone barrier employed in the Secret Skirmish.

Victory Criteria :

Combat will be analysed through Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT) in order to determine winners.
The top 1 of each category (damages dealt, heals dealt, damages taken) will determine the outcome, a faction will win if:

  • At least 2 players of the same faction get a top 1.
  • Otherwise, the biggest shown number will prevail.

Reward Protocol

The Council is willing to reward all the participants and those who distinguish themselves during the skirmish :

  • To the Elite Trooper who dealt the most damage : High Powered Weaponry Rank 1 uniform
  • To the Life Curator who healed the most : Integrated Anima Conduits Rank 1 uniform
  • To the Unbreakable One who received the most damage taken : Reinforced Armour Rank 1 uniform
  • For each participating combatant from the winning Faction: A choice between:
    • 15 Resplendent Talisman Fragments
    • 15 Elaborate Glyph Fragments
    • 15 Mk IV Weapon Fragments
  • For all Dragon Participants : 1 Dragon T-Shirt clothing item
  • For all Illuminati Participants : 1 Illuminati T-Shirt clothing item
  • For all Templar Participants : 1 Templar T-Shirt clothing item

Who will be victorious in this Secret Skirmish? Will it be the implacable Templars, the sly Illuminati, or the unpredictable Dragon?
Enter the arena and defy your rivals. Buona fortuna!


going to do my very best to be there for lumies
ingame char fowlskins


I will attempt to be there to kick arse or get my arse kicked for the :dragon: Dragon. Whichever suits the day’s models.



Lopek for the Dragon


Lera for the Templars.


I’ll try to make it for that Templar shirt


GrumpyWelshman ready to represent The Dragon


Drina - Dragon

I’m here for the clothes and maybe a few sassy comments and guaranteed to die a lot! ;D


BlackSwordman - Templar

First timer in this, but pretty interested in the fight


thats alot of dragon starting to feel like tsw pvp again


I see that. :smile:
Do not worry, I have some security cheks to keep the game balanced. :wink:


loool truth

lacing up my gloves


hylonomus for the lumies :lumie:


Thank you everyone for your presence, your pugnacity and your good mood. :slight_smile:

Congratulation to the Templars for winning this year!
Will you keep the crown at the next event? The future will tell us! :wink:



great fun heres a few of my pics
malk moved everytime he was in shot


First time doing SWL pvp and I really had fun. Not sure how well I did exactly lol, but who cares.

Two questions,

  1. How/ when do we get the shirt?
  2. Is the council uniform available to unlock in the game?

Thank you for setting it up. It was a blast! So glad I joined and managed to make it back for the photo

It was a delightful event! Thank you everyone for attending!!! I’ll be posting my screenshots tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

To answer your questions:

  1. The t-shirts will be distributed by Funcom in the future, and the most likely time for that distribution will be after the Anniversary event once all player-run Anniversary events have submitted their info for distribution. When your shirts are distributed, you will find them in your Delivered Items window (/delivereditems). Malkeshar will be notified when the prizes have gone out, and I’m sure it will be posted in here.
  2. Yes, but also, no. The Council of Venice uniform worn by CoV officers is the uniform of Secret World Legends’ Game Masters and is unavailable to players.
    The outfit Malkeshar and I wore is the Venetian Tactical Armor set, which you can purchase directly from the Dressing Room, and which represents armored CoV security agents and is the only CoV uniform available to us players.

any chance of the ACT info being posted here at all


Thanks for the fun event. :grin: