Secret Underwater Ice Cave!

Now I will admit, this information is totally useless, but I’m pretty sure I am the first to discover this and at least the first to make an official statement online about it. But theres a secret ice cave in the northern lake I can’t find any information about online. And its not the gate into the slient legion keep. Its under the ice at the lake entrance to the glacier canyons, bottom left corner of G11. You have to swim back under the ice really far, it looks like a dead end but its not, swim down and under a wall of rock and you can come up under the ice in a big water filled hollow chamber. Too bad theres no way to clear water out or stay warm and breathe under water permanently. It’d be a easily secured, totally hidden base location.

Ice pillars outside glacier.

G11 bottom left corner

Swim back under the ice.

It looks like a dead end but it isnt, swim down and under.

View from the back of the cave to the entrance.

Sorry for the crappy pics, my camera is like 5 years old.


Nope, has already been used by many people to hide stuff in chests etc.


Well heck, cant find anyome talking about it anywhere, so i figured it was undiscovered. Well there goes my claim to fame lol. Pretty much exactly what i was gonna use it for too.

Only reason no one talks about it anymore because the officials are empty as hell so theres no one doing the talking. But yea well known.


I see, well that sucks. Seems like this game has been nosediving lately. All this hype build up for these updates and siptah and it seems like we are just getting dragged along, seems to really be killing the attendance.

Officials being empty is not an indicator of the population at large. There’s been a large (about 30%) migration to private servers.


Prob because you can actually get action taken against cheaters on privates. If funcom actually policed their terms of service and banned hackers and their clans by association than the servers wouldn’t be crawling with cheaters and quite a few of those who moved to private would still be on official. A quick look at most of the Conan pages on Facebook will show that the private server scene is mostly a drama filled crap show with admin abuse accusations and bannings for no reasons on every other post.


@GodKingVivec ,This map is so wonderful designed , you cannot imagine what you still don’t know . Some times my friends ask me why I still play this game , but I cannot explain what they cannot understand . Yes a buggy game , yes early access , still , after all this time I still learn m8 , impossible but true .


There are numerous nooks and crevices that you can discover, which make for nice, cozy mini-bases. Here is one of my personal favorites, though not the only one you can discover.


It was put on YouTube 3 years ago so not a secret :grin:

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