Is it possible to break the ice on the lake?

On the first picture you see how this area looks in solo player and on most of the servers, and how it looked like on official server i play at just not long ago. And on the second screen is how it looks now, when that building appeared nearby. I tried to break it with explosives on test server but nothing happened. What is this?

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You can’t break the ice, but you can build near it and cause it to go away, as you see.

We found this by accident as well. If the building goes away, the ice returns.

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Great! Never seen this.

Did you try to pick the ice with a pick?

Also: Perfect hiding spot for materials. No one wll ever look in that water hole.

Until now…


You can mine the ice with a pick like the crystals up in the mountains. And yes you guessed it…it yields ice for preservation box or to consume in hot areas.

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I’ve never picked it from the lake,only from the nodes.

Probably because Ice is useless once you have 100. Used to be it slowly decayed. But now 1 ice can keep 30+ animals, in cryogenic state. Awesome mechanic!!!


Any spawns -thrall (camps), resources etc. Except creatures- are disabled in the claim radius of a structure.

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Never noticed this one before, either. That’s one sneaky resource node.

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