Seed of Evil DLC not starting with family sharing on Steam

Hi there, I really love your guys’ game as I had a lot of fun playing and finally finishing it. I play it through the family-sharing feature Steam from one of my friends. Sadly, the Seed of Evil DLC doesn’t start and it should because my friend owns this DLC and I have it installed. This issue has never happened on any other game that has DLC being shared to me.

I would very much like to finish the story as it’s quite interesting and I’m dying to see more.

Hey Shadow1474,

My apologies for the late reply. As far as I know it should be possible for you to access the DLC content through family sharing. If you load up an end-game save you should be able to find a new area added to the western edge of the map. Alternatively, if you select “New Game”, there should be an option to jump into Seed of Evil directly.

Is this not the case for you?

It’s no problem! No, it isn’t sadly. At the end of the game, it takes me back to the main menu after the credits. Starting a new game doesn’t do anything either. I don’t know why it won’t detect that I have it installed, even the main menu has advertisements about buying Seed of Evil.

I’ve tried numerous things such as reverifying it on Steam, uninstalling then reinstalling it, and restarting my computer all to no avail.

That is very odd. I’ve checked with our store manager and we haven’t done anything differently with the way we’ve set up the Seed of Evil page in Steam, so it should be available to you.

Do you own the base game on Steam yourself? You said you played through it via Family Sharing, but have you purchased it after you finished it?

Odd indeed. I do not own the base game, nor have I bought it during the time between when I started and finished it.

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