Seed of Evil Xbox crashes after every mission

The Elder crash wasn’t addressed on this latest XBox patch, it should be fixed in an upcoming patch, apologies for the inconvenience. We’ll be sharing detailed patch notes as soon as possible.

I just experienced this yesterday 8/8/19 and it was after the patch not sure if broken prior.

Thanks for reply, when do you expect it to be addressed?

I started a fresh game a few days ago to see if the crashing was a result of old game saves but I ran into the same problem again…crashes back to Xbox home screen after or during the ‘elder’ cutscene. Very frustrating but I’m certain a fix is on the way.

The Elder issue will be addressed in an upcoming patch as it’s still being worked on, however, we are releasing patches for most platforms today that tackle several other issues, both major and minor.

Nothing personal just wonder what issue is more serious then not to be able to play the game since the release day. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Guys, when will the Changelog patch ( be released for the Xbox? I saw the announcement yesterday but so far nothing has been delivered on Live, has a date at least to be released? will the phase 1 elder issue be resolved in this patch? thank you

@kurganRCDR, the XBOX patch we mentioned yesterday is taking a bit longer than expected to come out as it’s still going through Microsoft’s certification process, so we’re waiting for it to be cleared for release. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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when the new patch come out? i’m start to hate this dlc

It’s been 3 days. Still no update? Come on…

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There was a patch on the 15th and a hot fix today, please access the following announcement for further information:

Seems like it fixed the problem at last! I can finally enjoy a great game again.

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