Seed of Evil Xbox crashes after every mission

Every time i talk to the Elder when i finish the first level the game sends me to the dashboard after the first two lines of dialogue.

I cannot complete the mission because it just loads me back before i spoke to the Elder when i load the game again. I have loaded multiple older saves and also uninstalled and reinstalled the game

The amount of trouble this DLC is causing people is absurd

I managed to somehow get an autosave to work that loaded me in the next area. I cleared the area and as soon as i entered the elevator to go to the ARK the game crashed again.

I can only assume this is going to happen every time there is a load or a cutscene

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Same thing happens for me too. I cant get pass the elder cutscene without it crashing and when i reload i am in the next area. No point in continuing if i miss the story.

The game is really unplayable at this point.


Was very happy to see it finally working on Xbox after days of nothing - until the cutscenes crashed right after the first fight. No clue what’s going on with the story anymore, had to watch it on youtube. A real shame, I had high hopes for this franchise.

This was my favourite game of last year, can’t remember any hickups either, it ran rock solid on Xbox. Until this mess of a DLC… No one tested this?

Exact same problem here. This is just nonsense. So many problems with the dlc…

Hello, im on Xbox One and my game crash EVERY single time when i talk to the Elder… Starting to get boring with ur previous lauching issues. We love the game, please care…:confused:

I would even settle for a generic, “We’ve detected the problem and are currently working on it.”

Anything that lets us know that they’re even reading these forums.

Such a shame, the premise, design and almost everything else about this game is great but it’s ruined by a seeming total lack of play-testing and heinous bugs.

I play on the Xbox One X, the game also crashes after talking with the elder. Then it loads autosave in another location. I’ll have to postpone the passage, wait for the patches and stability. (I used google translator) Привет из России!)

Same issue. Crashes after speaking with elder. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared cache, power cycled and nothing fixes it. I played on gamepass first but purchased the game when the dlc was released. Did anyone else play gamepass first? I’m wondering if gamepass game saves don’t work with the dlc.

It shouldn’t be because of the game pass. It’s just bad patching I guess. Still wish we could get an answer from the developers that they’re on it doh.

Hello @Manh, welcome to the forums!

The team is aware of the crashes being reported, we’re forwarding all pertinent information so please share as many details as possible, such as the situations the crashes occur.

At first game wouldn’t launch past the opening screen. Then the patch allowed me to play. As soon as I encounter the elder in the first snow area, the cutscene will play or be skipped and crash at the end of either. Tried multiple times no success.

The game crashes as soon as I step into the elevator to The Ark.

crashes every cut scean and zone load for me

Crashes when talking to the elder after two lines of dialogue, crashes again when taking the elevator to the ark in the next mission. The only way to get past the problem is loading the autosave that puts you in the next area

Another bug i encountered was taking the hidden door in the church (I can’t remember the name of the area) and it spawned me under the floor. I was walking around the map and was able to go way out of bounds. I fast travelled out and it fixed itself but a very odd bug. I have not attempted to replicate it but it happened during the Pripp mission in that area

I’m playing on the Xbox One X. The game crashes back to the Xbox dashboard as soon as I finish talking to the elder during the first mission. The crash happens EVERYTIME, so the DLC is totally unplayable for me. Needless to say, I’m disgusted this would even be released with such glitches. I preordered it from Best Buy. What a waste of money. I’ll be leaving a one star review for it everywhere I can due to the unforgivable technical issues.

New patch is up!!!

…but…but…wait for it…

Ahhhhhh… you know already. Still crashes at elder cut scene. Utterly ridiculous. I mean just Mind boggling.


I managed to load an auto save after the crash when talking to the elder. But upon completing the second section when I attempt to board the elevator to the ark as needed the game crashes every single time so I cannot progress whatsoever. I’m enjoying the gameplay and love this game. Would really like these issues fixed quickly.

Xbox One X, the patch downloaded, but the game crashes after talking with the elder and at the entrance to the ark. And I was already glad that the patch was released!
Xbox One X, скачался патч, но игра вылетает после разговора со старейшиной и при входе в ковчег. А я уже обрадовался что вышел патч!

Really big disapoitment. Have been waiting for fix after screwed release. Now the bug with cutscene and well you know what. It crushes even after todays update. I like the game but to pay for it and not to be able to play it for like 8 days. That sucks alot. (Same bug like with the other, first map after first talk with elder the game crush - xbox)