Seed of Evil continuous crashes

Tried to play the first mission 7/8 times and game just crashes back to desktop, it may be related to chain lighting move (happened 2/3 times as soon as I engaged chain lighting)
Didn’t have a single crash on my 2 playthroughs of original game. DLC unplayable though.
PC version

Hello @pomp, welcome to the community!

Does it only occur in the first mission of the DLC?

Did you start a new game directly through the DLC

Could you please share your computer specs with us?

If possible, sharing a video capture of the issue occurring would be quite helpful!

Win 10 Pro
Intel i3
8g ram
GTX 1050

I can confirm the game crashes when I use the lighting mutation

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Thank you for confirming and for the additional details, we’ve relayed this information to the developers so that they can look into the issue!

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