Seed Of Evil Random Crashes

Game and DLC from Epic Store.
Seed of Evil was crashing on a saved game directly from end of Main Story, deleted ZoneUE4 and Unreal Engine folders and it worked for a while, now on 2nd mission it randomly crashes. Specs:
Since I am trying to put an image and it seems it bothers the moderation to simply post it, here is the imgur image link, without the link… /Kwwa4hg.png
Save: Again, brilliantly done by moderation, can’t put links… here is google drive link… /open?id=19YUWna6DlyYFHk5BVm1TMoKFfeQ-ndbK Session 3.
Maybe posting links are usefull on Support?!?! I don’t want to participate on the forum, I need support!

Usually can’t post links and images straight as you join forum, so done it for you below for the Imgur one:

Your google drive link is “access denied” unfortunately. Good luck with your problem…

Fixed the google link

Have found another workaround, you do the delete the folders thing that I posted @ op, then you set everything to high and play on Full Screen. That solved for me, almost at the end, 1 before the final destination, did all the sides no crashes so far.

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Without /open (which doesnt work), it give the following message:
The latest version of this file can’t be shown because it’s in an unsupported format. Remove the latest version in Drive and refresh this page.

I don’t know if the doc you are refering to is a (windows) log? If it is, you should post it as a pastebin (

This is the standard reply from gdrive meaning the file is probably zipped, or is too big, or too long, or whtvr… Have you never downloaded anything from other people gdrive? Well, anyway, it doesn’t matter. I finished the DLC already. The save is mostly useful for the devs to find where the problem is to try to fix it…

Hello @lucifeh, welcome to the community!

We appreciate that you took the time to share a save file with us, we’ve forwarded the link to the developers so that they can look into it.

Regarding the forum limitation, these restrictions affect new accounts only, however, pasting the links as you did is fine should you need to bypass it.

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