Selecting MODS menu in game menu crashes game

All of a sudden, if i try to manage mods, the whole game freezes. Tried validating, a 4 hour uninstall reinstall horror show, spent hours trying to figure out how to fix resolution error (had to manual enter in the game config) now everything is ok EXCEPT mods. It crashes also when trying to join an online server as soon as it gets the the mod mismatch page and freezes again. Long story short, anything having to do with mods now freezes the game. Any ideas before I uninstall permanently in disgust.
I don’t think its the mods themselves doing anything since I reinstalled and even deleted the mods config (before reinstalling ) can play just fine without mods, but would rather not, bored with vanilla.

Window 10, i7 laptop, 16 gb ram 4k monitor

Your issue may be related to a specific mod. Hard to say, but you’ll be able to test it out one by one if you have to using the below method.

Don’t have a fix for in-game, but if you want to manage mods outside the game you can. I long ago switched to this method because its quicker and doesn’t require restarts.

Navigate to -> \steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods

Open modlist.txt

Manage your mod load order from there.

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