Selma dont have stone skin mutation

Selma does not have a mutation in the stone skin, but Bormin has it.
this is strange, because everywhere in the prerelease it was said that Selma has a mutation of stone skin.

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You’re right but as far as I remember the devs looked over the skill sets and decided the stone skin would fit better to Bormin. If you consider the mutation skills as a game set-up I agree. But Selma lost some of her unique feeling. I dropped her as fast as I got … another option.

it’s just really weird, because even in the trailer, she’s using this mutation. And Bormin and so quite an interesting character)

I noticed it in the beta, but thought that the full version will fix it.(Selma has really lost some of her uniqueness((

Her leapfrog ability is awesome though. I think Farrow has it as well, one of my most used abilities.

I don’t find Farrow yet(

In what situations do you use Leapfrog? Never used it yet.

It’s a weird feeling seeing Selma without her stone-skin mutation, given they’d really sold that trait of hers in the trailer. But hey, maybe it’s for the best? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the others think.

I agree, it is weird. I wish they would’ve just left it as is. Also in the Gameplay Trailer it specifies her stoneskill ability. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When using the Aristo Hat and her passive ability Alpinist (high crit) she can easily jump onto just about any high place for extremely high crit chances.

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Okay I see the advantage here. But as crit damage often only differs in 1-3 damage I dont really need that advantage now.

Spoiler alert: I dropped her for Magnus and his “Puppeteer” (if this is the skill name in english) skill. This skill is so unbalanced compared to other skills in the game…

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wow, so many people have gotten in. By the way, how do you improve your skills? for example the Dux has shot Crit or knee))) I mean that in my opinion the system is a bit weak in this.
But you must choose only one)

I kinda wish they had let Selma have that ability. Bormin is already so tanky, he doesn’t really need that mutation. I never use that one on him. I will either hog rush or eat enemies to heal myself. Selma has the vines, but stone skin would’ve been very helpful for her too, good in a pinch.

yes, absolutely agree. Bormin has Hog Rush, that ability is actually FOR HIM!
Wings fi Dux and stone skin for Selma be greate(
why Farrow has wings?