Selma Feels so useless

First to mention, why leave out her stoneskin abilities from the trailer, she still have the ability to taunt like Bromin yet her base health point is lower than farrow, whom is a dedicated stealth character. Her tree hugger abilities are overwhelmingly useless when dux can cripple enemies too and the only enemies worth crippling are ghoul tanks.

Really hoping for the devs to patch her stone skin back, her character are just too useless that she specifically need to be anywhere near elevated area to be useful. Magus and Farrow does a much better job when you’re seeking the ambush critical bonus

Check out these Youtube videos, fights I recorded using Selma, I actually disagree with you completely, Selma is definitely one of the stronger characters in this game, probably my favorite, her root, her cover bonus, and her crit bonus are all very good, and of course she has access to the op twitch shot, she is also the only character that can guarantee 100% crit outside of ambush on double shot and regular shot, I think you just haven’t realized her potential.

On the other hand, I think the mind control guy is completely useless, the only skill that’s suppose to make him good, the mind control, has poor success rate on anything that’s not butcher and marauders.


The last one is final fight spoiler.