Sepermeru Bounty Hunting

Hi guys, I was wondering … Sepermeru has Thugs and Bandits, right ?
What about a Bounty Hunting System ?

I mean, we could chop the head off Thugs and Bandit Leaders, then head to a place where we can deliver those heads for Silver of Gold Coins. Would you like it ?


I mean… random quest like things would be nice… but the game’s design has made it pretty clear that the NPCs are of little more importance then the trees and rocks… i’d like to see a full fledged system of “mini quests” and tasks that a player can do complete with reputation… but… its unlikely


yea i like this 8D

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Daily/Weekly Bounty Hunter Quest - have it pay out a few gold and/or silver coins for a certain number of bandits/thugs/etc

Non-time-limited would probably just be a spamfest, we all know how we are lol.


It’s called “human resources”.


The easiest way I could see this would be that the thugs or whatever drop something like a wanted poster or their heads and you bring it to a person who buys it from you for money or resources. Like how we trade gold/silver coins for pets/food in the current game now.

@Shadoza ok, first off:

MMO stands for Massive Multiplayer Online, which CE obviously is not.
Maybe you are talking about RPGs (Role Play Games).

Secondly: the fact that a Sandbox doesn’t NEED something does not mean that this thing is not good. Also if you want to make your own path in the game, you have clearly took the wrong game since we already have quests in the form of Journey Steps. Finally, I’d love you to notice that this “quests” would be completely OPTIONAL since they doesn’t give any vital reward. You could skip them and not suffer any consequence.

You may not like it and I accept it, but don’t use the “You don’t know this game” thing with me.

@IceCubez yes, that’s the way I’ve imagined it. It could be made easy, with a merchant buy/sell system, or a bit more complex with a quest-like system, with targets wanted dead or alive (targets should be bandit leaders of course). Dead by cutting their heads off, Alive by knocking them out and tying them with a rope.

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Honestly, I would like to see more ways to spend my gold coins, rather then earn them. Sepermeru has a lot of chests, providing you with some coin - and some of them being in close vicinity to Bandit groups kinda reward you for taking them out, without the necessity to run somewhere to collect the bounty.

Well, sorry about that, I didn’t mean to be that rude. The point is: that’s not something that gives vital rewards, nor something that forces players to play that way. It’s just something that would made this game more “realistic”.

@tin_egg: yeah, that’s another good point. More ways to spend coins. I’d like to see a real market of goods and stuff like Reinforced Bricks and this kind of things, but of course the exchange should be honest (not something like 1 Reinforced Brick for 10 Gold Coins).

A true economy system is something that would really made this the best of its kind.

Let me tell the harsh truth (well, harsh for the pure survival lovers)… Conan Exiles IS a sandbox RPG with a survival skin. It is even too easy and balanced to be a survival!

The game have lore, dungeons, armors, lvl, weapons and everything that make a rpg!

Having minor quests that dont break the survival system would be Nice!

We already have the “fragments of power” or “heart of the sands” quests, but you don’t associate it with rpg because it is a little thing :slight_smile:

The game don’t have to tell you it is a quest, to be a quest. All the dungeons are like quests too, because we receive a prize at the end, the recipes.


it’s interesting

i had an idea of how this can work

Instead of a “quest”, it can be a merchant type of NPC that you can talk (the talk will explain the reason for the hunt).

You will be able to buy recipes from these NPCs for a number of specific thrall or animals/monsters heads. Just like the fragments of power work in the game.

I think the game needs these kind of stuff to make it “alive”. Many server are “dead” not because there are no players, but because ppl did eveyrhing and just enter to dont lose the base until the next big update.

“Quests” can keep a player busy for a longer period.

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