Sepermeru NPC's Not Spawning Correctly

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Single Player - No mods.

Sepermeru NPC spawning doesn’t trigger correctly on the Waterside side closest to Ironbreaker Ridge.
If you approach the city from Waterside/Temple side everyone is gone - half of the city is empty.
If you wait in the area, they do not spawn in. It stays empty.
If you walk to the other side of the city toward Southlake, that part is populated.
If you then walk back toward Waterside from Southlake, the NPC’s spawn in like they should and the entire city is populated.

Start at Ironbreaker Ridge, run into Sepermeru and wonder where everyone is.
Run to Southlake area to Razma’s hut.
Then run back and NPC’s will all be back from break.

did you admin teleport in there or did you walk in normally?

I just walked normally from my small camp at Ironbreaker Ridge.

It’s an old Single Player rendering issue. Teleport out far away using admin teleport, then teleport back will “reset” the area, and almost always result in the area being repopulated.

Also go to the city and log out and back in it helps clear the brain to say and it can load fastest after you play a long time

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This started happening a few patches ago. It used to be fine. It’s just this one location. It’s not a critical bug or anything because I just walk past the empty portion of the city to Razma’s Hut and then back toward where I came to make them spawn. But it’s easy to reproduce to see what I’m talking about. This only happens when approaching from Ironbreak Ridge. After the 50 millionth time of doing my walk to make them spawn whenever I log in or when returning from a far off area, I thought I’d submit it.

Restarting doesn’t fix it. If there are NPC’s there, a restart will cause them to no longer be there, and I have to do my walk again. I don’t know how game code works, but It’s like there should be a trigger as you approach the city from the ridge side that isn’t there anymore, but still exists on the other side where everything works. Half of the city always populates fine 100%. It’s part near the ridge by the Temple that doesn’t.

Does it not happen for anyone else?

Been happening a lot longer then that. As I said, single player bug, and it can happen in multiple locations around the world. Doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to see the bug, only that it can happen.

Hi @karmaroach, thank you for your report, although this is a known issue we’ll add the information you’ve shared to its ticket.

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No legedary in sepermeru…

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