Seriously? New Decay Update

so in the patch notes you guys included… “It will not get this overriden decay time if there is a placeable, like a bedroll or a campfire, near the building. And it will instead work like before.”

WHY!? why would you include something as simple as campfires into the mix??? so now all they have to do is spam campfires all over … to make it look every WORSE … thanks

As much as you may not like it, new playera may build a small base that is 2x2. This would be under the size requirement for the rapid decay, leading to new playera possibly losing their base on an hour or so. So to counter that and as this is only an initial stop-gap measure, putting a bedroll or the like helps save the new playera base.

So basically do you want a quick fix, we got one.

a bad roll is fine… that is 1 item per person… a campfire… is not fine… and its super easy to make a base in conan… you dont have to settle for a 2 x 2… as well if they made a 2 x 2… it wouldn’t be under the “6” items connected decay override since a 2 x 2 with walls, a door frame, and ceiling would be 17 items connected.

incase you got lost on this count

4 foundations
4 ceiling tiles
1 door frame
1 door
7 walls

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