Seriously, Turn on Offline Raid Protection already

Why would I do that? its suicide. :smiley: I wont even tell u what I do in here as that would only increase my chances of getting raided in here. Better safe than sorry. Yet. It still happens.

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This is exactly the reason why we discuss it before taking action. imo isn’t that what we are bringing to the forums? Ideas & improvements. I get it. Alot of people are abusing the systems in the game sadly. in a perfect world I guess we all just wanna build our castles & go to war. But some players wont allow that joy for others. Which again is PVP - winning is winning.

But no one says this has to finalize & fall onto ur server. I think bringing ideas on how it could work rather than nay say it is a much better approach. Bring ur justice & lets work the problems out. I think by far u gave one of the better feedbacks on what to look for when considering an idea like this, but one of the worst replies when it comes to adding stuff to the game.

Offline raiding sucks. It takes no skill to blow someone base up when nobody is home to defend it. I play this game for fun and to get away from life in the real world. We have the government for that.

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Exactly. No skill or honestly…fun. Funcom should make two types of officials. I mean honestly, it is a toggle. Official OLRP and Official with Raid times. I bet the OLRP ones will be the fuller ones. 24/7 Raid with OLRP is real PvP


I definently beleive in a remake of Officials not all but some better based on the modern playerbase & the needs.


If we can’t get offline raiders protection right now, perhaps they could enable some type of AFK player kick?

There is a sad amount of players who are slot locking the server by getting on and just repeatedly dying and respawning just to block others from getting on.

They’re doing this so they don’t get offline raided. Though this screws people who are there to play and can’t get on the servers.

Wow, and it continues. A full server and a clan is raiding offline players. (Thankfully not us this time) but still.

A tier 3 base well build and easily defended (if they were online) and two person clan with thralls just sat there and took their sweet as& time without ANY resistance.

It’s just sad…On a bright side, they were both enemy clans…but still. I think it’s wrong to be able to hit a base while it has no chance of being defended.

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Amen! Exactly…There are things in the game that need to be close to the way they are in real life, such as physics, eating, drinking, healing…and there are things that help you escape the stress of real-life - fighting monsters, harvesting exotic materials, and not having to worry that everything you did could be wiped out by a single person as long as they wait for you to sign-off the game.

Supposedly, there is some type of glitch with the feature and that is why it’s not on…however, how hard can this really be to implement when it already exists in the game…It’s called Raid Times…All they have to do is change the type of Toggle. Rather than clock time = Off / On to Player Online Status = Off / On…

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