Serpent-Men Question

Why do the humans in the game (like Razma) hate the Serpent-Men of Valusia? It’s a hunch of mine, but does it have something to do with Set?

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Back in the Atlantean Age, Serpent-men were enemies of humankind. They’re big bad villains in Robert E. Howard’s King Kull stories, and ancient Lemurians fought against them. So when the Lemurians, after the cataclysm that sank their original home land and getting enslaved by the Khari and escaping that slavery to the land of the Giant-Kings, found their old enemies living happily in their new home, they got kinda upset.

Old enmities die hard.

I don’t think Razma herself had anything personal against Serpent-men, but the old lady who used to live in her head did.


Plus, have you met those guys? They’re like, huge jerks.

  • the other videos explain the lore quite good
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