Server 1522 items keep disappearing

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

I play on server 1522, have a house in the middle of “iron valley” west of The Summoning Place, between the spawn points for the alligator world boss and the scorpion world boss. I had to give up on placing fish traps in the lake to my south; every time I logged back in the next day, they’d be gone.

Last night I placed a map room, my first, right next to my house. When I logged in this afternoon, it was gone, as were most of the signs I placed around it. There was nothing in the Event Log about them.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Oh, and it shouldn’t have been building decay. I checked with a repair hammer after I placed it: 168 hours to decay. Less than 20 hours later it was gone.

ya same with server #1529
Items dissapear, certain thralls vanish when you have got them close to a wheel.
Light Armor quest task not working and some tasks have a blank box.
disconnections (not all the time but when it does it does it constanly, making the server unplayable for that day) ;(

Would like to know when these bugs and issues would be rectified? As the armor and blank box for quests work and show on some servers and not others, why??