Server 1575 Greifers

The Last week I have been on the Server 1575. The last 3 days I have been hunted down and killed by 2 players from a clan called China#1 . Master Long Dong, and Lo ■■■■ have been camping outside my base keeping me from going anywhere. My thralls are useless, I am being killed before i can even step out my door. I have also been told by other players that have been attacked by them when I am off-line, they witnessed these 2 players “speed moving” or something like that. I am sorry I don’t know what word they used. These 2 players have been making demands, saying if i don’t comply, they will keep killing me. I will be the 1st to admit i am not good at PvP.
But being double teamed over and over just outside my base is becoming very painful. Also, i was told they maybe using a hack called ESP or something to track me. As when they 1st killed me at Newbie River, They ended up at my base within 5 mins in the High lands where i spawned back in.
Any advice? besides the server switch that is.


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