Server #1584 is Offline

I know there’s countless of these threads, but there’s also countless servers that are still down with literally NO word from Funcom.

How hard could it be to start the server or reset it? If there’s another issue, COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS.

This is a train wreck, the server has been down for over 15 hours.

I’ve submitted several reports on your server problem report page over the last 6 hours or so.

Hi there,

This server should be back online. Are you still not able to join? If so, please let us know

No, on the game client it doesn’t show up at all, through the steam client it says just shows the IP# and says “not responding”, and according to “topconanservers.comIt shows offline.

I can confirm that the server is indeed online. We do not support so the information displayed there may be inaccurate.

We currently have a known issue that prevents the server list for some players to appear empty. Please attempt to directly connect to the server using the IP address. the IP for that server is

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