Server 1592 Crashing A Lot!

The Official server 1592 has crashed 3 times in the past 12 hours, 2 of those 3 crashes happened in the last 30min. Any insight you can give into this situation would be greatly appreciated, thank you. I hope someone hasn’t figured out how to crash the servers to dupe again!

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Yes, someone is duping the server. I lost a carrier pet filled with resources because of the duping. There is a bunch of players without a clan under meshing the server also at sink hole. I think these are the same individuals that are crashing the server. Zula and Milklady is the player’s names

Server just now crashed again…

Only two clans who could be duping and I would guess one of the ones claiming theres a duper in global everytime it lags. Server has become another haven for trolls. Kinda glad Sindicate is coming

Just crashed again…this is stupid

And it crashed again…

yup -.-

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