Server crashing on #1099 because of player duping items & potential undermeshed base

The attached picture is so that you can see the offending player and clan. I don’t know how to type that symbol, so I figured a picture would be easier. Please investigate as it’s quite obvious when he logs on, the server crashes… Let’s just say they’ve been raiding everyone non-stop as well.

It’s not my job to get evidence for you. I play the game to have fun, not to work.

Nothing will be done about it, I’ve had these issues on the officials I’ve played on as well and tried to report to no avail. That’s why we rented our own server to get away from this bs. It called Unnamed Kingdom vanilla PvP, you’re welcome to join if you too are getting sick of the cheaters on official.

Its sad but true I left officials along time ago and now play only on privates but that has also taken along time to find a good one with good admin.