Server 1737 down

Looks like down at least 19 hours now?

Try checking the listing again for your server #. The server I play on vanished too, was unfavorited and Battlemetrics showed it was “Offline”. I decided to search for it again on the listing, it appeared. Another player informed me that the IP address had changed at around 4am PST. GL.

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1738’s down aswell. Not that the performance is very good when it’s up :stuck_out_tongue:

1942 is down as well. Very strange that Funcom has not come out with any update on this…

This is the solution! Thank you!!

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Olá pessoal @Funcom_Community
Você poderia grava e postar aqui sua tela ao fazer LOGIN no servidor?
Aparece algum erro ou aviso em sua tela ao tentar fazer LOGIN?
Consegue entrar em outros servidores oficial “público” g-portal?
Já informou o suporte ZENDESK sobre o problema?