Server 1880 issues

Server 1880 currently shows as up but it is not allowing users to log in. This has been happening all day.
It also happened a couple days prior.

In addition to that, we have to deal with 1020 ping at different times throughout the day, we suspect ddos but without proof cannot say for sure.

I have used the server reporting tool from the game menu.

The server reporting website for Conan Exiles.

Checked the battlemetrics site and it shows 1 user in game however nobody can get in.

I have submitted a ticket to g-portal support site.

We would appreciate some information, feedback, anything that can shed some light on this.
Thank you

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Saw this when I able to login finally, now remember nobody could login to this server, yet a clan was in this server this whole time. Here is the proof to that.

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cause they been using the god to whip every ones base mine was hit to . so you be lucky if who ever gets back to a empty base,

That server is being addressed in this thread: Regular DDOS attacks on Official PvP server 1880 - Funcom we need your help please