Regular DDOS attacks on Official PvP server 1880 - Funcom we need your help please



We desperately need your intervention on Official PvP server 1880. The server suffers DDOS attacks pretty regularly. While we do often run at 40/40 during peak times, you can witness the drop in Server FPS (flops per second) and the spike in ping at times when the server is also underpopulated. Like right now (~25/40).

This is not “PvP lag,” this is not “horse lag.” And no, my gaming rig is just fine (thanks for asking). These are players that are operating outside of the game rules, and are attacking the server either for duping or for causing disruptions to their opponents. They can turn it right back off with a flip of a switch. I report it regularly. And urge other players to do the same through your server reporting tool:

@Jens_Erik, @Tascha, @Ignasi - please spend some time and get these cheaters out of the Conan Exiles game experience. Please. Thank you in advance.

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This, along with 1590, is among the servers I’ve been watching. Thanks to players like @Cauthey who share, and do it well, I’m starting to get a feel for the level of invasion underway. I’m not in any way a link in the chain, mind you, but I pass forward everything that I can find on an intel level. If I had the power, I could be there and observe these negative actions and end them. As it is, I’m working a guerrilla war on the PS4 just to try and keep the building spam to a minimum.

Cauthey, I do agree that we need action and I’m sorry your return to playing is being continually disrupted. At however many 6,000 hours you have, you deserve more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is obvious to me that the item they are using (that we discussed privately) is what is contributing to the local ping problems. In the past, other invasions used the same/similar technique, to make it easy to harvest other players who were lagged off a building to their splat. This is an assault, and I think we could get a handle on it with the simple addition of some official server administration.

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Maybe that’s what we need the Chosen of Asura could take the role of Moderators on official servers thats if they wish to do so … they observe the problems and report them to funcom

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This continues and now nobody can get on the server because of this.
Congratulations on a great game, would be nice if we could actually play it without these issues.

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@Jens_Erik, @Tascha, @Ignasi - PLEASE. This needs a solution. Your servers are under attack. Players are unable to play on these servers. Can we get a response, please?

@Cauthey Jens left. Just saying.

Oh. :open_mouth:

Are you sure it is server lag and not client lag? A ddos tool would target the client/user.

I tried to debunk these reports, and I found I was targeted for awhile. It doesn’t make sense to target the server, as the clans that do it need the server to be free of lag in order to win/cheat.

This thread needs to be private. Don’t expect Funcom to respond, otherwise.

yeah its getting out of hand for sure, and when you do get to log in your dead and loose your items and now i am getting a message saying my beds are destroyed, and back to broken road but every time i do get to log back in my char is dead

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100% Server lag. check out this video that happened on 1880 just a couple days ago.

These korean players start to ddos the server right when they see my teammate. It happens all the time. And ive contacted igansis in dm and theyres not much they can do because the servers are owned by gportal.

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Sad that scummy players need to do this in games instead of playing fair.

So, since its impossible to win against hackers…just repeatedly call them out in chat. Be hard on them too. Leave nothing left unsaid…about anything.

I believe they were reported and got banned actually, but that doesnt stop them from ddosing the server. For a whole 2 days now 1880 has been inaccessible to everyone. no one can log in or do anything.


i look to when we are all able to log back in all our stuff be gone.

sad they let ppl like this ruin a good game for many others

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they were on 2 nights ago, they wasn’t banned then… i saw them run pass my lil outpost to their barracks base just after raid time ended 2 nights ago

I watched the video, but it doesn’t prove server lag to the degree that Funcom will do something about it. I see players moving faster than the horse…

Darn… too many details already in this thread.

watch the ping jump when they come in screen… and them out moving the horse proves they Ddosing cause if you know what Ddosing is it doesn’t effect them thats doing it only the others on the server

its the only way the koreans can play on american servers to be honest cause their ping is already high. so they have to resort to using a Ddos programe to gain a edge… thats why i say the servers should have a region lock

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Still, it would be much worse if the server was DDOS’d. It is the difference of everybody getting lag or just a few target players. The video doesn’t show an equal amount of lag for everybody.

And, that “server FPS” is the physics engine, not the client.

you can see in the video of other players talking about extream lag while it is going on


It’s immature. It’s an embarrassment to us all that alpha clans are cheating like this.

That could be a new thread title.