Terrible rubberbanding / lag on Official PvP server 1935 - Funcom we need your help please



Please engage, and investigate the rubberbanding and lag on Official PvP server 1935. All day long today the ALL PLAYERS on this server have been experiencing rubberbanding and lag in varying degrees. It has affected combat, accessing chests/benches, operating doors, building, and using map rooms and thralls… all in varying degrees depending on how bad of a spell it seems to suffer.

I have reported the server at least three separate times when it was severe. At one point, the anomaly latency was so bad that the server would not populate on the launcher server list.

This is becoming very hard to deal with. I love your game. I’ve returned to it after taking a break. But the first two servers that I’ve tried to play on have been mired with issues (the other server was 1880 - not sure that server is even available now - Regular DDOS attacks on Official PvP server 1880 - Funcom we need your help please).

Please fix. Please. @Tascha @Ignasi Please. Thank you.

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its everywhere bruh, not only 1935 its the whole conan exile server thats taking the hit

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All the more reason for Funcom to engage and work to correct this with G-Portal.

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