Server 2584 still has not been fixed

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Will they ever bring the server back? Just wondering so I can join a new server.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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2583 is still down and has been since 2/13. Funcom is insanely difficult to get support from. I’m not 100% sure anybody actually works there.


I know, it’s been a full week. I’m a solo on that server and literally just upgraded my base’s outer wall from T1 to T3, then right after it crashed. All that time spent farming for steel reinforcement and hardened bricks, for nothing. It was like 138 Arena foundations. S’lotta brick.

Try alerting them via the link below. They don’t respond to server issues on this forum.
Hope this helps.

I’ve tried getting in touch with them through that portal re: 2583 which has also down for about a week and haven’t gotten a response. But hopefully if they get enough messages…

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