Server 3146 for ps4 stopped loading for members of our clan and got resetted!

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Around 14 o clock the server n 3146 stopped working for all members of our clan ( itagliacane) . Other players of the server were able to play but from their screenshots we could see that everything was reset( our constructions are gone, wich makes us quite upset since it took months to build. They were situated in the area 6-N and 6-O).
Our questions are:
Why it stopped working just for us ? ( it freezes on the loading screen)
Will we be able to to have our constructions back ?
If it is possible to have them back how long will it take?
thanks , any help or adice is welcome

Hello @SkDario, welcome to the forums!

Upon examining the server, there seems to be no crash or any sort of rollback, so you might’ve been affected by some sort of loading / desync issue, which is usually cleared upon server restart.

As the server has already issued its daily restart, can you confirm if you’re now able to join the server and whether your structures are gone?

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