Server 3557 griefing

I was hoping to get a Admin into server 3557 to help clear out a Griefing clan. They have the jungle OB blocked off and Sinkhole Ob blocked off, they got wiped about a week ago but they despawned all the Brimstone at the big lake before they left. Now they relog in to refresh there timers in Brim and on OBs so noone can Decay them out. We really need a Admin intervention on 3557. I’m unable to upload photos because I’m a new user here since Conan official Twitter is 0 help on issues

Stop trying to get Funcom to fight your PvP battles for you.

You are on a PvP server. If someone is blocking travel points, you have in game mechanics to deal with it.

Lol they are wiped they are done and got nothing left STFU noob. They rage despond all the dam brimstone so we need a admin to clean the lake up

game TOS is you are not allowed to block OBs or Rss Spawns. Clearly they are doing Both . Why waste DP on something that’s not allowed in the first place ?

I think I replied to you on Twitter. Someone asked about that server, not sure if that was you though. But for reports like this you’ll want to go through the method described here:

They can review your case. I changed your trust level so you can post pictures and links, just do that in the DM and not here. Thanks!

Thx I’ll directly message him

I can’t agree more, I’m sick of people saying ‘‘it’s PVP, blow it up!!!’’ Dude if I can’t get to RS to do it how the hell am I supposed to blow it up?? Idiots.