Server # 3650 with Bugs and Pvp tricks

Game mode: [Online | multiplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc | Raid | PVP ]
Region: [toda parte]

Good morning,

  1. In any case when of Raid we know that at some moment we will be pechar with some player, but when we are performing the PVP buga opponent we can not perform attacks, and if the opponent teleports from side to side. all of the attacks we will not cause any damage.

  2. NPCs are slow to execute attacks on players, causing their death by the same.

  3. Trick of staying underwater and perform attacks without losing breath or die, causing our death in pvp.

  4. When we get close to the canyons we end up dying for bug issues, even though we stayed at the tip of the cliff our avatar walks three more steps to death.

  5. Protection of gods ends before the two-day period.

  6. Pumps cause less than four thousand damages than before.

  7. Obeliscos obstruidos por jogadores, impossibilitando o teletransporte no mapa.

Obrigado pela atenção, peço-lhe para retornar para que possamos estar alertando os jogadores do servidor para que eles não desistam de jogar Conan para os vários erros que eles vêem acontecendo ao longo do tempo.

Hey there,

We’re aware of these issues and we will issue a hotfix soon aiming to offer a potential solution to them. Thanks for your feedback.

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