Server 3739. Skittering caverns @Hugo

For at least a week now the spider in the Skittering caverns will not spawn. I am not sure, however, I do believe it to be due to a build, directly atop the spawn point. If someone could please look into this it would be greatly appreciated.


Absolutely true, if somebody has built a base or an outpost directly above the spider’s spawn point, he will no longer spawn. The devs have known about it for a while, but AFAIK haven’t decided yet whether to fix it, or to leave it as is.
If it’s a PvE server and it’s only been a week, the base might not be very big yet, so if you ask nicely, the owner might be persuaded to move the base (It’s OK for early game, but it’s not a particularly good location for a permanent base later on). The same thing was happening on my server, too, and the other clan was super accommodating when I asked them. Otherwise, I suppose you could band up with a couple of other clans and blow it to bits…

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The land claim runs infinite vertically. More often than not, letting the clan know (esp. PVE) that is what is happening resolves this. For PVP it is more complicated, but reality is that spot is not prime for PVP anyways. And most of the time, the clan will move or adjust to not accidentally block the spawn in the cave.

FYI, almost all the caves in the desert region will have this problem.

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