Server 6157 PVE: Am I able to report abusive fence/wall building and landclaim around my base?

My base is in the upper SW corner of E10 on Server 6157 PVE, and me and my clanny are being surrounded by Shexuda and Shyxes characters of the Shexudas clan. We were on and started to defend with some sandstone to the East of our base, but the area toward the river in the crags there is blocked off to where we can’t get through even by climbing due to spiked wall (which is still annoying for bring thralls even if we could climb over).

They also blocked off the area into the harpies there to the North will another spiked wall.

Walls should be able to be walked through in PVE anyway to prevent this junk, but if there is something that can be done I’d apprecate the help.

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To start with don’t mention names of possible offenders really frowned on. Admin would probably need more information put every thing you can and send to Zendesk.


Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here:

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