Server at 3512 no point in playing

I would have went to Zendesk but it seems that it’s not working and it keeps taking me in circles. Press this link that will take you nowhere except for the front page and then go from the front page to the link and so on… I’m sick of this crap anything I kill goes into the ground anything I knock out goes into the ground there’s no way to loot anything the red mother or anything at all that server is getting ridiculous. This is not happening because of too many people I was on by myself plenty of times and the humansOr bodies still went through the floor. That’s most of the part of this game is killing people and looting.
So it seems this game is pointless now.
There are also people built where they are not supposed to be and have blocked it off to the point where me and my friend kept dying over and over. Please fix this server I’m just trying to relax and play this game to relax me and I can’t even do that

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