Problem logging in to the server

playing an official server (#1977), with friends, after 2 days away from my pc. I try to enter to continue building and exploring in the game and it does not let me access the game and remains eternally in the loading screen.
Sorry for my english internet translator
I hope this is the right way for the inquiry.


O servidor está ruim mesmo, é uma característica dele que parece ser permanente. Eu cansei de lutar pra melhorá-lo, eu acredito que a Funcom também tentou, mas está além de suas capacidades, eles não conseguem concertar esse servidor por mais que queiram fazê-lo.

The server is really bad, it’s a characteristic of it that seems to be permanent. I’m tired of fighting to improve it, I believe Funcom also tried, but it’s beyond their capabilities, they can’t fix this server no matter how much they want to.

I understand, but the server is still active, people are still playing… I noticed that when I choose the server my level does not appear and before it did… I have not had misconduct or abused rules to deserve a ban.

se você notar, verá que tem 1,2 ou 3 jogadores no servidor 1977, mas não siguinfica que estão jogando, esses são os que estão tentando jogar mas fica nesse carregamento infinito. esse problema é comum, nos servidores de Siptah isso não acontece, são ótimos, mas os com o mapa do exílio são problemáticos, principalmente os PVE-C.

if you notice, you will see that there are 1, 2 or 3 players on the 1977 server, but it doesn’t mean that they are playing, those are the ones trying to play but it keeps loading infinitely. this problem is common, on Siptah servers this does not happen, they are great, but the ones with the exile map are problematic, especially the PVE-C ones.

Infelizmente os servidores oficiais são ruins, já os servidores não oficiais são ótimos, pouco lag, sem esses problemas, carrega os objetos rápidos.

Unfortunately the official servers are bad, the unofficial servers are great, little lag, without these problems, loads objects quickly.

Ahh ok I understand, thank you very much for the information. Have a nice day

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if you want to solve this problem, the best way is
it’s official, to send reports and be guided by email.

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I opened a request, it’s been 5 days and nothing.

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I opened a request, it’s been 6 DAYS and nothing.

Servidor funcionando… Por enquanto…

the problem came back

Funcionando novamente, tomara que fique mais tempo no ar…