Cannot log into Official Server #6108 PvE-C

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Other - Server issue?
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: US
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

When I try to log into #6108 I get stuck on an infinite loading screen. I’ve successfully logged into other servers with no issues (both private and official). I have validated the files, reinstalled the game completely, and tried with and without a VPN on. I’ve left the loading screen up for over 15 minutes and nothing happens. I have no issues with my computer or internet. I have tried starting the game both from the “launch” button and from “continue” on the Funcom Launcher. This started this morning when I tried to log in around 10:00am. I was playing on #6108 last night with no issues.
I logged out in my base in a spot I’ve logged out at before. This character is a recent transfer (I moved over 3 days ago).

Expected Behavior:

I expected to join the server, load up, and be in game in under 30 seconds.

Steps to Reproduce:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. Please be as detailed as possible; the more details, the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Open up Funcom Launcher through Steam
  2. Click either “launch” or “continue”
  3. If “launch” - select Official Server #6108 from my list of Favorites, if “continue” see step #4
  4. I am sent to the loading screen, I see the bar moving slowly, but nothing happens and I can never get into the game.

Me and a friend are having the same issue with this server. Have both let it stay at the loading screen for about an hour with no success. We can connect to other servers just fine.

I am also having this issue, though i see 5 people online somehow…Unless that is people trying to get in and stuck at the load screen.

Maybe its counting people stuck in the infinite load screen? It was at 2 when I tried, now I’m sitting at the load screen

Well I’m glad I’m not the only one at least. Hopefully the normal server restart will solve the problem. Kinda sucks this is happening on the weekend though :frowning:

Hey there,

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