Stuck in Loadingscreen

So, I wanted to log onto an official server and I’m stuck at the very end of the loading screen…loading bar is full.
Any suggestions? Anybody know a solution, workaround?

waiter in court of repair I guess… read the news and you will understand

nothing else to do but wait anyway…
And honestly, losing all thralls is bad enough, not being able to log in, and the rest decays too is basically the end of the journey for me and my relationship with Funcom.

for information, I just tried to connect, and for my part official server accessible. you should try again

yep, it is just the official server #1304…and the server is also populated right now. I can log onto other server too with no problems apparently. That’s why it is so confusing to begin with, since the server is obviously accessible, just not by me…yet I can log onto other servers just fine.

Greetings Raudi!
Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to our forums!

In order for us to properly assess your issue, could you let us know how is your ping regarding the server 1304 that you’re trying to access to please? Since you were able to connect to the server before, it is possible that the issue is related with your connection.

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

thx for responding, but the problem occurred during the weekend and has been fixed after the server restart and roll back. I have no problems since then…

I do not have the exact Ping numbers in my head, but it was definitely bellow 100, in the 80ish range.

This is a problem that can appear randomly. maybe it’s related to the ping

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