Server foundation GRIEFING and a Solution Conan Exiles

Here is my solution to bogging down server rust style TCs so spawn area and much more is not griefed

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This deserves so much more attention

For those who have not played Rust, and for those who do not know what a “TC” is, this video and explanation was very difficult to follow. Especially while you were leaping around and firing poison gas arrows, and sticking people with daggers on TestLive. I am not sure I understand how that is relevent to “TCs” (tool cupboards).

I am not sure that I agree with your proposed solution. However - it would be helpful if we had a easier way of dealing with foundation umbilical cords. I am frustrated that presently, when you set an explosive charge, the decay timer on the foundations being damaged will reset to full - 144 hours.

what it offers is it translates the Upkeep to the User, the TC is used for a replacement decay timer and Rusts decay mechanic is solely on the user after a 1 hour timer eliminating foundation griefing of servers to be maintained by the user. Even if a clan cant get authorization like in rust if only the upkeep is put in the tc I maintains better cleanup compared to the current mechanic which is horribly optimized and mega bases spanning 1/3 the map would be a thing of the past since 2 things cause bad performance since the game server primarily runs on one thread of the game server cpu so when the call to a mega base happens it fills up system ram so quick and it bogs down then server, one of the main reasons why it rubber bands. Going more indeth with network coding is abysmal and no login que to a full server can cause crashes. There are many many many things at the core wrong with this but this is a simple solution and explanation to a broken mechanic that needs another look for the “ruin” system, this one is better then EA’s but still has major linking and registration issues

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