Server getting only 1 purge a day

*Game mode: Online official
*Type of issue: Bug
Server type: * PvP
Region: *North American
Hardware: *Xbox one

Bug Description:

the server were on (2583) is only getting one purge a day and its during raid time you know yours is next by the log saying your purge started and stopped repeatedly

Expected Behavior:

I thought multiple purges for different tribes can happen on a server daily and cant happen during our raiding time (when our purge says it shouldn’t be able to happen). Multiple clans experiencing

Steps to Reproduce:

Fill up purge bar, wait for your turn (multiple days)


Yes, it’s currently a little.glitched and doesnt always trigger… however purge only spawns during pvp time.

Very annoying, had a clan on our server get raided by a enemy clan at the same time as a yeti purge and they got torn to shreds

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