Dude Wheres My Purge

Game mode: single
Problem: Bug?
Region: North America

My purge meter is 100% full and has been for a few days, but no purge. There is no restrictions and the level is 3. I have small outposts all over the map (thrall bases). Before, it would occur no problem but now I have yet to experience a purge at all.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hi @Apol, are you playing on cooperative or solo singleplayer?

Have you confirmed that all purge settings have remained unchanged from your previous configuration?

If it’s not the purge setting of the server what @hugo asked (maybe provide screenshot of purge settings?);

  1. What kind of (main) base do you have? Is it possible to provide a screenshot?

If not properly build, and by this I mean you have to make sure in order to make the purge work 100% is making at least 3x3 foundations on the lowest ground in my experience.

  1. Have you ever made a clan in Single mode?

On online server, it sometimes bugs when moving from clan to clan

Im on xbox and do not do online (xbox live needed and i dont do that). Strictly solo single pve. I guess its offline you could say. Refuse to play online. All my purge settings aside from level and if its on or off are the same. Raised it from level 1 to level 3. Had a purge spawn on an old char once but had to turn off the game before it occurred.

My 2 bases are a 6x2 house in the noob river area and, i believe, a 9x5 or 6 2 story main “tavern” (debacheries of derketo) near sepermu (oasis - purge does attack there). The other small “bases” i have are actually a fire pit and wheel of pain.

Ive actually in the past had way less and as long as i had a few foundations and 1 or 2 walls, the purge attacked. Now its just plain not doing anything

I think this may help you guys. Let me know if it works for you.

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So in order to make the purge begin, I technically need to build a sprawling metropolis?

6x2 in the beginning now turns into ■■■, where X is the number of squares.


It is done in a way that people who just start the game don’t get wiped by a level 6 purge before they are ready for it. Most of us have no issues reaching the purge limit as it doesn’t take that much and we usually go way bigger than what is required to trigger a purge. We are talking about 100 T3 foundations for the highest purge levels. Considering that all the other building pieces add to the score as well as any placeables, crafting stations, etc., reaching 2k building score is not that hard at all. People in singleplayer who want to keep their builds small and enjoy the purges still, can always spawn a bunch of foundations and make a purge tower of some sorts.

You have your tavern already which must be pretty close to the score you need, try expanding it a bit and see whether this helps.

You should be able to get a purge even with a modest base in singleplayer once the bar is full, can you share all your current purge settings and the exact location of your base?

Sure thing. As requested. Please note: in the map pic, the lower circle or bedroll icon is where the building is. The upper is a bed and a few crafting stations (near to where there are a few more foundation blocks for an elevator and stairs down the cliff face.

Thank you, we’ll forward these details to the team.

It has been some time since I had a purge on my main single player character (currently have it disabled) so I don’t know if this will work or not, but I did have a few instances where the purge glitched out and “started” but I wasn’t notified nor did it actually commence. To fix it, I would go into the server settings and disable the purge and then back out of the server settings and play the game for a bit. I would then usually get a message that “(purge type) have been defeated”. Then I would go back into the server settings and reenable purges and they would begin to work normally again. This will probably reset your purge meter to zero though.

Another thing to look into regarding the location of your base. I have a large base on the mountains near the Black Hand Camp called The Pocket (upper left corner of 7H). I had lots of issues with purges spawning thralls inside the mesh of the surrounding landscape as my base is on the top of the plateau. I don’t know if this was causing the purges to bug out or not but if you get a purge and can’t seem to find any purge NPC’s, activating ghosting in the admin menu may help you to find and eliminate them and keep the purge going through its natural progression. In my experiences, if the purge is interrupted from completing I would get something similar to what you are experiencing.

Hope this helps you out and good luck.

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