Purge not triggering in Singleplayer

For the new people in SinglePlayer who can’t start their purge, I think I figured it out.

  • Set the purge to your liking (score, times, etc).
  • Make a clan (might not be needed but it doesn’t hurt).
  • Fill the purge meter (normally or with the admin command: FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter)
  • Type twice one after the other: StartPlayerPurge. (mind any time restrictions you may have set).
  • If nothing happens (meter is not empty and still full), your building is likely too small to be purged. By trial and error, I figured that only buildings above 835 building score will make your clan eligible for a purge in the desert.

How to check your building score:

  • Enabled Building Decay (you can turn it off later).
  • In the ServerSettings.ini add the following line DecayShowBuildingScore=True.
  • Check your score, if below 835, add more pieces. The higher tier, the more points you get. 835 is about 40 T3 foundations.
  • Once you reach 835, try again StartPlayerPurge x2. It should work.

If your score falls below 835 (e.g some pieces are destroyed) and you relog, you will be stuck with no purges again until you raise it.

1 T1 foundation seems to give 1. 1 T3 foundation gave me 21. The other pieces also add to the score, the higher tier the better.

:loudspeaker:IMPORTANT: After further testing, it turns out that the purge areas have different score threshold. 835 was sufficient for the desert area (E8). However, for the snowy area (G11), I needed about 1.9k building score.

Let me know if it works for you.