Server killers server #2509

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Here]

So my gaming community and I have noticed that there are just some people that go out of there way to ruin the enjoyment of others. Torch spamming and building structures that cover many squares so large that the point and existence is only for the misery of other players.

We’ve also noticed that these players don’t even play the game anymore, but only come on to make sure that these structures don’t decay.

The unmounds, the black keep and new asgarth are basically a place to go and lose your gear.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Yo that’s a nice wall i might build one😁


Hey! That’s my Building #4 in the second screenshot! It’s got a world map in it - you’re welcome! And there are a lot of people who just refresh and don’t play anymore, but that’s Funcom’s fault, have you been paying attention, nub? I tried yesterday and I ended-up turning off my Xbox when my game froze.

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Yes many players on the server are quite aware of your giant torch spammed monstrosities. Killing low levels and scavenging from any players that unexpectedly walk into your Palisades. What makes a nub? Someone who hears the complaints of many players on the server and addresses it? Is it judged on gameplay? Because I’ve never seen you out during PvP, so you wouldnt know my skill of gameplay. Or maybe it’s knowing that 1 player has a base larger than anyone else, with absolutely no point to it, it honestly looks like someone spewed buildings everywhere and then sprinkled them with torches.

Wipe them get to grinding gods and Dragon powder …unreal

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It’s PVE-C Jake otherwise he would have been wiped weeks ago :joy::joy::joy:

Move it on over the big bad dog is moving in lol thanks for the help mike.

Ok i decided to join this server tthis looks to me that one clan just builds to much i get it i love to build too go have a look at 2733 then tell me if this server is over built