Server list empty : game in offline mode, how do I get back online ? ^^'

Hi !

Yesterday when I launched the game, a quick message appeared (a Steam message I think, but I’m not sure, maybe it was a Conan one - Yes, I know, I should have payed more attention, I’m stupid) saying something about the game being in offline mode.

Since that, I cannot play in any server : the server list stays empty, and when I try a direct connect (even in a local dedicated server : 192.168.X.X) I got a “Pending connection failure - Could not connect to server. Unique ID not valid !”. And the fame launches much quicker than before, making me thing it doesn’t try any connection at all.
My GF plays on the same server just next to me and everything’s fine, so it’s related to my install.

I tried to uninstall/reinstall the game : nothing changed.

Can anybody help me ? She’s gonna kill me if I don’t connect to make her a brand new axe ^^#

Close and exit steam, launch it again, check that it doesn’t give you the offline error, lately steam authentication have had problems leading to this problem.

Just keep restarting steam until you can go online-mode.

Thanks for your help !
Steam is in online-mode : I tried going offline then online again, I tried other games, no problem. In Conan : nothing changes… :s

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