Server locked, I can't get back and play. I need help

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I joined a open server and now is locked with a password. I started the game and spend so much time and money. What’s going on here. It got locked and didn’t Receive a password to join. Does this means I lost all my work. If so I’m quiting it

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.the server was open, low population
2. got locked :lock: now I can’t play
3. Server name: Empires of Gaia RP ( 18+, Discord [ 5wzsx3q], events)
4. Help me get my Access back or help me get my stuff on a rental server.

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Can you reach the server owner? Anything going on the server to cause owner to lock it. Can you make contact with any one else you have played there with.

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Funcom has no control over private server’s. I play on private servers and have had one over 2 years now had it locked the first month or so found it more interesting to let people find it and play. Alot of players have started over you will be better at it a second time around. If you can’t reach the owner start over again. If you move to a private server again talk with the owner and people playing on it before spending alot of time. Good Luck.

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Many servers use discord to communicate, sometimes they get toxic players joining and decide as a community to lock people out. Maybe search discord for the server? or contact one of the players you know?


Thank you guys for the info I managed to get someone in contact :grinning:

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Good for you hopefully your base is in one piece

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