Server Optimalization and low players cap - ehh

Ladies and Gentlemen - Funcom Developers. I suggest you spend some time for optimizing the server code. It is incomprehensible for me that the current server devours such a huge amount of resources (same - each logged player), while in the case of games such as UO or Legends of Aria (with huge world, many of systems and alot of NPC/monsters) , the consumption of resources is much, much lower. Do not write, please, that it’s a matter of graphics / size of the CE world/ numer of NPCs etc. because it’s absurd . You should think about what you can transfer to the side of the game client.

A packaged UO server files (without world saves) weighs about 14 MB, LOA - 20MB, and now see how much space do the files of Conan Exile server take. Ar you kidding us???

If you think that Conan would bring you a steadily growing income, you can not create much longer a product that provides the possibility of playing barely 40 or 70 people on the server, because the amount does not match our expectations. Server optimization, with the possibility of playing for several hundred people - that would be it